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Vegan Gnocchi Recipes

Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 minsCook Time45 minsTotal Time1 hr

You need not compromise on a tasty dish like gnocchi just because you turned vegan. This super simple and quick recipe is fit even for the beginners to enjoy the taste of this plant-based recipe. You can compliment this dish with the vegan almond milk pancakes or with the ever tasty sugar cookies. Let’s have a look at the recipe now for a better idea on this tasty recipe.

Vegan Gnocchi Recipes

 3 qts Medium Sized Russet Potatoes (peeled)
 2 cups All-Purpose Flour
 2 tbsp Olive Oil
 1 tsp Salt

Start with the Potatoes – Peel, Cook, cool and cut the potatoes into little pieces (medium sized – the sized of gnocchi you would like to have)


Now, mash these potatoes section by section (some people mash and then form section while some do no mash instead, they just press them a little using hands)


Then, take a large bowl wherein you will be adding the mashed or pressed potatoes along with salt, olive oil and flour


Now, using your hands, gently mix all the ingredients and squeeze them so all the ingredients are mixed well and you get a no lump kneaded ball (if the kneaded mixture looks little sticky, then add a little more of flour to get a soft and smoothly kneaded dough)


Then cover the dough with a soft dry cloth for a few minutes. This is done as the dough might otherwise get dry


Now, take smaller sections of the dough at a time, around 1 Tsp per piece, squeeze it between your hands and give it the shape of gnocchi (the way you love it the most)


For the traditional style gnocchi, you can press each piece of the dough with a fork – do press the fork over the gnocchi balls using your thumb. If at this point too, the dough I sticky then add some flour to it


Now, take a large bowl and half fill it salted water that has been brought to boil, then put the gnocchi one by one in the salt water and let it cook for around 5 minutes


Once the Gnocchi starts to float high over the water, the gnocchi are cooked

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 10

Servings 1

Amount Per Serving
Calories 202Calories from Fat 12
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0.9g2%
Total Carbohydrate 12g4%

Sugars 10g

Vitamin A 9%
Vitamin C 10%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.